Poem 2007
Our Super Mom

To quell the storm before the calm
Comes to our rescue SUPERMOM!
Her parties run as smooth as silk
She packs our clothes. She buys the milk.
She drives us like a hired chauffeur
She tries to know what we prefer
She helps at school she cleans our home.
Do we say thanks or write a poem?
Do we say that we think she’s great?
Do we say we appreciate
all she does? Or do we ignore
our Mom who since the day she bore
us put own life to the side
so that some day she’d hear with pride,
we’re the best boys they ever met
and earn that super epithet.

Right now sometimes you get depressed
‘cause we still need help getting dressed,
we don’t clean up, we live like slobs,
you think you’ve failed your mother jobs.
But Corey proved on our behalf
to think you failed you have to laugh.
Not only are you not sub-par,
You are the best there is by far.
And though Dad helped with certain parts
this is how we feel in our hearts.
Since we don’t say it all the time
we now present our thank you rhyme.
Just that you know we think you’re great
And that’s not subject to debate.

So from the boys with rhyming nom,
We love you mother, SUPERMOM.